About Us

There is a little village in the state of Kerala, India called Chendamangalam. This village rooted in tradition and rich cultural history and it’s from here we begin our humble journey into the culinary world. Its also here where heart and soul of this endeavor Mrs. Eswary Gopinath Pillai lives. She is someone who’s passion towards cooking is truly awe inspiring. At 65 she is still a bundle of energy and the driving force behind the creation of Trustco Foods as a company and truly deserving Eswary’s Gourmet Kitchen as a brand. She is someone who believes that a dish genuinely prepared is not just nourishing but put a smile on the person who is having it. Every product that’s coming from us imbibes this experience. Eswary has her family’s and friends undying support for her new adventure as an Entrepreneur. We would like to assure you that we are thriving to make this quote of hers a reality.


“Our customers will themselves be our biggest advertisers”

Our pickles are something which has caught the hearts of many. They take you back to a time when everything was less commercial and had quality and taste. This is the experience we want to bring to our customers. This journey will never reach its destination without your support and blessing. All our products are meticulously prepared keeping the best of standards and quality. We will be launching more products geared towards quick cooking.

  • We want to stand out though quality and taste.
  • We want to be your favorite choice.
  • We want to instill a desire to try the new products we launch.
  • We want our customers to know that we will care about their health.

“Taste once & Trust forever”